- Thermal Spa -

A new philosophy of wellbeing

Listen to your body and your senses: an only means, the most natural, that which leads to absolute wellbeing. When one enters into the universe of Helvetia Thermal SPA, one experiences a new mode of receiving treatment; a unique well-being which no-one could refuse. Feeling good in mind and spirit is the least we could expect for our bodies.

Helvetia Thermal Spa is a paradise of thermal water in the heart of the Tosco Emiliano Apennine.

The magnificent thermal spa, achieved from the renovation of an antique war refuge, excavated into the rock, is scene to particularly suggestive relaxation courses, with images and remembrances that linger in the heart. 1000mq are accessible to guests with a large aromatic hammam, Finnish sauna, bio sauna, showers, thermal water swimming pool [salsobromoiodica], with waterfalls, hydro massages and vascular treatments.


A paradise of thermal baths

Adjacent to the wet areas, there is a large relaxing area with beds, drinking water and infusions. Furthermore, there are six massage cabins with treatments of wellbeing of the tradition Ayurvedic, and rituals of more original beauty “unearthed” from every angle of the world. Complementing the change room area are the medical studios and the fitness area which is equipped with the latest Technogym machines. The ambient is an extremely refined environment, accomplished with natural materials and as a result of the sophisticated overhead lighting, guests are guaranteed absolute comfort.

Everyone at Helvetia takes care of their guests, accompanying them on a journey of wellbeing that keeps account of the specific needs of everyone with the objective of improving two correlated fundamental aspects being: the general psychophysical conditions as well as aesthetic; more closely related to beauty. A journey which embraces all of the aspects of wellbeing, with the ability to stand the test of time. A wellbeing which remains within ….long after one returns home.

Thermal Water

The swimming pool and vascular treatment at Helvetia contain thermal water salsobromoiodica [salt, bromine & iodine] at 35° C.The thermal water which flows from the springs of Porretta is salsobromoiodica [salt, bromine and iodine] and sulfurous and therefore possesses properties of salt, bromine, iodine and sulfur present in the bivalent form. These properties already noted in Roman times, as many archeological finds have confirmed, and gradually over the centuries exploited even in the absence of the scientific knowledge which today we know and that explain the mechanisms by which the thermal waters work. The therapeutic actions are multiple and essentially concern: anti-inflammatory properties and anesthetic, antiedema effect, effect of vasodilation and stimulation of the tropism mucosal, stimulation of the endocrine system, stimulation of the immune system, stimulation of the production of endorfins and analgesic effects, strong antioxidant.

Thermal Swimming Pool

The thermal swimming pool carved into the hill behind the hotel represents the ideal refuge to recover equilibrium and serenity: one space that allows the reconstruction of the ancient river bed where our awareness received its first imprinting.

The area is very luminous as a result of glass ceiling and walls which allow visual interchange with the exterior to gaze along the back of the hill. The pavement, made from dark stone slabs, increase the natural effect.

The rectangular formed bath with thermal water salsobromoiodica at 35°C, opens into a corner with a perfectly circular loop where there are seats for the hydro massage. Along the bath are three hydro massage seats and a waterfall recommended for cervical treatment.
On the right hand side, there are hot and cold samplings of thermal water for vascular treatment, with pavement of polished river pebbles to facilitate venous outflow.

The swimming pool and the vascular treatments of Helvetia contain thermal water salsobromoiodica, whose beneficial properties have been known since the Etruscan.
Such water, thanks to the richness of the dissolved minerals (sodium chloride, sodium, bromine and iodine), is particularly indicated for muscular and tendon disorders, neuromuscular and vascular. The draining and regenerating characteristics make it ideal to stimulate activity of the microcirculation, reactivate blood circulation and the regenerating of cells.

The Grotta

The Grotta of Helvetia Thermal Spa is an ex air-raid shelter and today is an impressive thermal welfare kingdom.

In an antique grotta, used as an ex air-raid shelter during the second-world-war, a suggestive bio sauna has been made (along the staircase in the shelter of the refuge exit), a Finnish sauna, a large aromatic Hammam, two showers and a relax area.

In this zone, which is accessed along a carved corridor deep into the mountain, it is made attractive by the cuts into the rock that look obliquely onto the swimming pool at twilight, with the warmth of soft lights and candles.

The biosauna, where the temperature does not supersede 45° C and the humidity by 55%, allows the body to acclimatize to be able to better support the more intense temperature of the Finnish sauna and the Turkish bath.

The classic Finnish sauna, constructed of wood, is situated off to the side and has a temperature around 90° C.

Outside the grotta is the large aromatic hammam, with mosaic seating and a light-filled ceiling made from pending optical fibers, which give the effect of a starlit sky.

Access to the Wellness Center & Policy

The wellness center will remain open every day from 09:00 to 23:00. Access to the Thermal SPA includes:

  • Use of the Helvetia Kit: robe and towel [swimming cap and bathing costume are the responsibility of the client]
  • Access to the swimming pool with thermal water Salsobromoiodica at 35° C
  • Vascular Treatment
  • Hydro massage and waterfall for a spinal massage
  • Sauna, Biosauna and Turkish bath
  • Relax area and tea infusion corner
  • Fitness Center
  • Bookings are essential by phone 0534-22214, otherwise on-line
  • Access is exclusively consented to adults over 14 years of age. In the event of minors, they will need to be authorized by a parent with consent
  • Use of swimming cap is obligatory and is not included in the Kit Spa.