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Wellness and Hospitality in our SPA Hotel in Italy, in Porretta Terme, seem to have a common and indissoluble bond since the times of the ancient Romans and perhaps even earlier, in Etruscan times.

In the heart of Italy, in fact, among luxuriant and fairytale woods, legend and history come together, offering the miraculous properties of the thermal springs. This uncontaminated territory has a place of honor among the heavenly places where statesmen, wealthy nobles, men of letters and illustrious personalities, were used to go to take care of their wellness and intellectual well being.

Hotel Helvetia Thermal SPA is part of the legend. All the visitors and guests can experience at first glance the deep connection between the hotel and the territory – its centrality to the past and present history of the small village of Porretta Terme, with its slow and perpetual rhythms of life, like the generous nature that surrounds it.

Culture, art, cinema, music. The little village of Porretta Terme has hosted great history between his walls, it has been a point of reference for the aristocrats and intellectuals of all times, all united by one common thread: the desire to touch the essential benefits of the sulphureous and salsobromoiodic thermal waters natural springs, the beating heart of the town.

The origins of Hotel Helvetia lead us to 1904, the year in which the hotel was built, in a privileged location, in the center of the village, nestled on the side of a green hill, which today still surrounds the elegant facade of the hotel.


It was the time of the Belle Époque and the reference to the liberty style (Art Nouveau) is still perceived today in many small details that have been spontaneously maintained during the various restorations and renovations of the building. At present days visitors can enjoy the merge with the contemporary atmosphere that welcomes today’s guests in the common areas and in the hotel rooms.


The fame of Hotel Helvetia Thermal SPA was subsequently consolidated, from 1940 onwards, passing down from generation to generation, through the same family, the love for the art of hospitality and the promotion of the territory with its authentic soul, preserved by the mass tourism. Crossing point between Emilia and Tuscany, the SPA Resort of Porretta Terme, expresses the character of a land made of natural, historical, artistic and gastronomic beauties, as well as local traditions.

In memory of its emblematic past, not surprisingly, the modern Helvetia Thermal SPA is the result of an accurate architectural project that, in 2005, brought to light the ancient air-raid shelter dating back to the Second War World. An authentic evidence of the past, it protected and saved many lives, and in its modern concept, it welcomes one of the most refined areas of the SPA, La Grotta (The Cave), with the Finnish Sauna, the Bio-Sauna, the Hammam and the Emotional Showers and the Relaxation Area.



To satisfy your curiosity and indulge in a restful escape, you can choose one of the Wellness Programs and Packages or book one of the available body and face treatments (link alla pagina massaggi e bellezza) that Hotel Helvetia Thermal SPA offers all year round and dive into a wellness sensory journey.

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