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Regional Park of Corno alle Scale

Corno alle Scale Regional Park is part of a system of parks and nature reserves established by the Emilia-Romagna Region since the late ’70s to protect areas of high natural and landscape value.

The imposing ridge of Corno alle Scale (1944 m), the highest peak of the Park and of the whole Bolognese Apennines, constitutes the core of the protected area that continues to the north with Monte La Nuda (1828 m), while toward the east with Mount Jan that stands out (1812 m). Close to the two main villages, Lizzano in Belvedere and Vidiciatico, we find respectively Monte Pizzo (1194m) and Monte Grande (1531 m).

Walking along the many paths of area, away from the chaos and the noise, you can meet deer and roe deer, see in the sky the golden eagle or hear in the distance the howl of wolves. Not only: the Corno alle Scale is also the ideal habitat for many rare and protected floristic species such as the delicate silver geranium, the precious alpine aquilegia or the martagon lily.
An organized network of paths, mule tracks and forest roads reach the most significant environments and all the main peaks.

The Corno alle Scale is also a renowned ski resort of the Bolognese Apennines. There are the slopes named after Alberto Tomba, on which the great champion of Bologna took his first steps and where he built a large part of his world successes, there are numerous tracks for skiing, crosscountry trails and the modern snow park where to try acrobatic evolutions on the snow board.