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Rocchetta Mattei, Church of Santa Maria Assunta and Borgo la Scola

In the heart of the Apennines, art, culture and history come together in a stunning way. We recommend you some architectural jewels of Alto Reno.

Rocchetta Mattei is a small castle that is absolutely fairytale and extraordinary, just like its creator, Count Cesare Mattei (1809-1896), a scholar, politician and medical inventor of electro myopathy that made him famous throughout Europe. Rocchetta Mattei was built on the ruins of the ancient castle of the twelfth century and it is a real mix of styles and particular architectural expedient, inspired by Moorish, medieval and neo-gothic architecture. Thanks to a skillful restoration, from 2015 the Rocchetta can be visited again upon reservation.

Borgo La Scola, whose existence dates back to the 6th century but of which we have documented traces since 1385, is a magical place that miraculously resists the passing of time. Built in a strategic military position (here was the border that divided the Exarchate from the lands of the Longobards), the current appearance of the village has developed between the fourteenth and sixteenth century when the inhabitants of the countryside took possession of the lands left by the monasteries and noble families who were returning to the cities.

The towers, no longer as a means of defense, were transformed into houses under the able hands of the Comacine Masters who worked in these areas since the ‘300

The Church of Santa Maria Assunta is located in Riola di Vergato, one of the greatest examples of modern sacred architecture and designed by Alvar Aalto, architect, designer, Finnish academic, master of the modern movement and exponent of functionalism. Lines, volumes, light, everything focuses on the central point of the liturgy, without the distractions caused by furnishings and reduced to the essential