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The Cave

The former anti-aircraft shelter, today is a striking reign of thermal wellness. Porretta Terme was one of the places where The Second World War broke out, as it was located right on the Gothic Line, where the retreating Germans were deployed between 1944 and 1945.

The presence of two important lines of communication, the road and the railway, made this territory a continuous object of the Allied bombing. Therefore, the construction of anti-aircraft shelters was necessary. One of these underground shelters has radically changed its destination, from the place of salvation from war to place of well-being because in it, within the Hotel Helvetia, a striking Biosauna has been created (along the exit stone staircase of the shelter ), a Finnish sauna, a large flavored Hammam, two emotional showers and a relaxation area. In this area, which can be reached through a corridor dug deep in the mountain and hinted by cuts in the rock that look obliquely at the pool, the twilight reigns which is warmed by delicate lights.

The bio-sauna, where the temperature does not exceed 40 ° C and humidity varies from 45 to 55%, allows the body to acclimatise and better withstand the more intense temperatures of the Finnish sauna and the Turkish bath. The classic Finnish sauna, all covered in wood, is located on the side and has a temperature around 80 ° C and a humidity level of 15%.

At the end of the cave there is the large aromatized hammam (45 ° C, 95% humidity), with mosaiccovered seats and a ceiling of lights, made of hanging optic fibers, to give the idea of a sky starry.



A ritual that has spread throughout the world from Northern Europe. In the sauna the heat can reach temperatures up to 100 ° C, but thanks to the low humidity (20-30%) it turns into a pleasant embrace that relaxes the muscles and favours the purification of the body.


A panacea for the body and soul, a natural remedy for the relaxation of our body and a natural recharge for our mind. Half-way between the Turkish bath and the sauna, the Biosauna is ideal for those who can’t stand high temperatures and high humidity.


The Turkish Bath or calidarium belongs to the ancient tradition of purifying baths. It consists of a steam bath in a warm (40 ° / 60 °) and humid (90/95%) environment enriched with essential oils. The ritual is alternated with cold showers to stimulate and re-oxygenate the blood circulation. Ideal for the respiratory inflammation therapy and for...

Emotional shower

The emotional shower is a special type of shower that combines hydrotherapy, chromotherapy and aromatherapy. The purpose of this practice is to offer at the same time a physical, mental and physiological Wellness.