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... that wonderful sensation of feeling good.

Our wellness philosophy arises from an attentive, punctual and curious listening.

We have listened our guests’ desires and needs and we continue to do it every day.
Together with them, we have interpreted the necessity to achieve concrete, visible and measurable goals of rémise en forme, beauty and relaxation. The challenge, for everyone, is time:
little-unfortunately! -, measured, always limited.

This is how our mission was born: to cross the borders of time, to offer multisensory experiences in a simple place of aesthetic treatments, to take care of every guest as if he were the only one. Thermal water is our treasure. Salsobromoiodica and therefore very rich in salts, minerals, trace elements and miolenitive substances, thermal water favors the organism purification, it reactivates the venous and lymphatic microcirculation and it softly exfoliates the face and the body skin, favouring cell renewal. It is a real elixir of beauty, a panacea to dissolve muscular contractions, soothe nervous tensions, and it promotes a global relaxation favoring nighttime rest.

An experienced team of professionals, driven by a fervent passion for their work, is our strength. Research, continuous experimentation and higher training course are the secrets of our success.