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Remise en forme Biologika

Change your lifestyle in a safe and fun way

With Biologika, while taking care of your general wellness and weight, you can relax in a quiet and reserved place, as well as follow a supervised and contemporary method. You will learn, in a light and fun way, with other friends, to know your potential, your strength, your ability to feel good, appreciating the value of a simple and healthy lifestyle.

You will be stimulated to appreciate and to increase the use, in the daily diet, of organic and natural products rich in vitamins and antioxidants and in addition to achieving your goal, you can use this xperience as a long-term investment both for your health and your family’s health.


Have fun cooking naturally

What looks like a game actually allows you to precisely manage individual nutritional needs and it generates many positive effects.

Learn to listen your body

A special and technologically advanced program calculates your energy consumption taking into consideration your characteristics, establishing its caloric equivalent.

Our specialists

Biologika is a method created by the Dietician Dr. Alessandro Tamagnini and it allows the treatments for all kinds of weight, in excess or in defect, and / or pathological in which the diet plays a fundamental and irreplaceable role for detoxifying and regenerating needs.