The Benefits of the Helvetia Thermal SPA Waters

Everyone knows that the thermal waters are rich in providential principles for the well-being of the body, but if you have never deepened your knowledge of the benefits of Thermal Waters at the Helvetia Thermal SPA in Porretta Terme , this is the right opportunity to find out what an experience in our SPA in the heart of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines a few km. from Bologna.
The Swimming pool with thermal water dug into the hill behind our hotel, represents the ideal refuge to regain balance and serenity: a space that allows you to reconstruct the ancient riverbed where our awareness received its first imprints .
The area is very bright thanks to the ceiling and glass walls that allow visual exchange with the outside, leading the gaze along the back of the hill. Along the pool, three hydromassage sessions and a waterfall recommended for cervical treatment. On the right side the hot and cold thermal water walkways for the vascular path with river pebbles floor smoothed to favor venous reflux.


Helvetia’s Swimming Pool and Vascular Paths contain 35° salsobromoiodic thermal water. The thermal water that flows at Helvetia Porretta Terme is  salsobromoiodic, which therefore presents the properties of the salsobromoiodic waters: therapeutic effects of bromine and iodine available in its bivalent form .


Le azioni terapeutiche sono molteplici: azione antinfiammatoria, antisettica ed antiossidante, effetto antiedemigeno, effetto di vasodilatazione e trofico sulle mucose, di stimolo dell’apparato endocrino e di quello immunitario e della produzione di endorfine con effetto antidolorifico.

The therapeutic actions are various: anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antioxidant action, anti-edema effect, vasodilation and trophic effect on mucous membranes, stimulation of the endocrine and immune systems and of production of endorphins with pain-relieving effect.

These characteristics, which make it suitable for the treatment of multiple chronic pathologies, make it ideal also for wellness and body care treatments, through the same mechanisms and the same properties, with physical, chemical and mechanical actions, integrating well and completing all the classics Treatments that are available in our SPA. Furthermore, these intrinsic qualities of thermal water allow for a longer duration over time of the induced benefits that go beyond the treatment period.


A massage therapy method, known for its relaxation and physical well-being benefits, uses the pressure of the water kept at a certain temperature. Hot water promotes circulation and relaxes the muscles. The massaging water pressure reduces swelling and helps in the treatment of cellulite.



It is a jet of water at about 35° C and placed about 1 meter above the seat. The treatment aims to carry out a shoulder massage aimed at relieving muscle tension due to stress, as well as promoting a decontracting and energizing effect.


The Vascular paths at the Helvetia SPA consist of two rectangular and parallel tanks of about 6 meters in length each by 80 cm in height with water at temperature variable hot (32° – 34 ° C) and cold (20° – 22 ° C) ( Kneipp method ) paved with river pebbles that form an irregular carpet and with lateral air jets with variable pressure .
Questo sistema completo permette, applicando molti principi di idrodinamica (pressione idrostatica, deambulazione, pressioni laterali, temperatura dell’acqua variabile), di scaricare gli arti inferiori riducendone i gonfiori, la sensazione di pesantezza e di conseguenza tutti quei fenomeni legati alla stasi linfovenosa e alla lipodistrofia (cellulite).

This complete system allows variable water temperature by applying many principles of hydrodynamics (hydrostatic pressure, walking, lateral pressures, to discharge the lower limbs by reducing swelling, the feeling of heaviness and consequently all those phenomena related to lymphovenous stasis and to lipodystrophy (cellulite).


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