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Thermal waters

The therapeutic actions are different: anti-inflammatory action on the tissues, antiseptic and antioxidant action on the skin, stimulating effect on the endocrine and immune systems and production of endorphins with pain-relieving effect. These characteristics, which make them suitable for the treatment of multiple chronic pathologies, also make them ideal for wellness and body care treatments. The intrinsic qualities of the thermal waters guarantee a longer duration of the benefits of the treatments.


Thermal Pool

The swimming pool contains salsobromoiodic thermal water at 35°, which flows from the ancient springs of Porretta Terme, whose fundamental constituents are sodium chloride, sodium, bromine and iodine with multiple beneficial effects on the body.

Helvetia - Thermal waters 8

Massage therapy method, ideal for relaxation and physical well-being. The hot water promotes circulation and relaxes the muscles, the massaging pressure reduces swelling and helps in the treatment of cellulite.

Helvetia - Thermal waters 8
Helvetia - Thermal waters 8
Cervical waterfall

A beneficial jet of thermal water at 35°C, placed 1 meter above the seat. The treatment aims to perform a shoulder massage aimed at easing muscle tension due to stress, as well as promoting a decontracting and energizing effect.

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Kneipp path

This path is made of two pools, with cobbles on the bottom, where the alternation between cold and warm water allows your blood circulation and nervous system to achieve benefits. The warmth stimulates and calms down the body, and slows down the activity of the internal organs. The cold, on the contrary, stimulates and invigorates the body, and increases the internal activity. The alternation between cold and warmth reduces stress and stimulates the body and the mind. It's important to know that immersions in the cold water should last less than the ones in the warm water. Those in the cold water should always be done after pre-warming your body.

Helvetia - Thermal waters 8