Acquagym lessons Porretta Terme Helvetia

At Helvetia Thermal SPA, the Acquagym lessons are a perfect combination for an effectiveness and healthy physical activity carried out in an aquatic environment thanks to the benefits of our precious thermal water.

Aquagym is a sporting activity suitable for every type of person. Lassons take place in the pool where free-body exercises are carried out mainly as well as with the help of small tools.

The constant water massage greatly improves lymphatic-venous drainage, bringing benefits to the entire cardio-circulatory system. The respiratory system is strengthened thanks to the slight chest pressure exerted by the water on the body and to a targeted respiratory activity.

An essential element of this activity, therefore, is the water , which in the Helvetia Thermal Spa pool, in particular, has the characteristic of being salsobromoiodic, therefore it has an anti-inflammatory action on the tissues, antiseptic and antioxidant on the skin, has a stimulating effect on the endocrine and immune systems and promotes the production of endorphins with a pain-relieving effect. Also highly indicated in all cases of chronic venous insufficiency.

Lezioni Acqua Gym Helvetia Porretta Terme


Starting from Monday 17 October, the group courses of Acquagym will be held every Monday and Thursday with two different shifts: 1st round at 7.30 p.m., second shift at 8.30 p.m.



It is also possible to book individual lessons or small groups lessons of up to 3 people, to ensure interpersonal distancing.
The duration of each lesson is 50 minutes during which there is an initial warm-up phase, a training sessions, aimed at the client’s personal goal and a final phase with stretching exercises.


It is also possible to book one of our Day SPA to combine with the Acquagym lesson to fully enjoy a relaxing and regenerating day before the lesson or and evening SPA break after the lesson.

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